Suzanne Campi Professional Development Coaching includes career coaching, speaker coaching, and organizational change planning. All services are customized to match your needs.

career coaching

Your career journey will have a unique set of challenges and some great opportunities, our task is to walk through the unknowns together and develop strategies that lead to successful career moves. We’ll create plans and demystify the most daunting aspects of change. I’ll show you how your skills and past performance can be turned into assets, and coach you through the internal rumblings that come with seeking a new role. My goal for your career coaching is that you develop the confidence to walk toward something better. A career where you can do your best work in a role that is meaningful to you.

I am so happy about how you helped me get over the hurdle that we have been talking about in my career. I feel really heard by you. You somehow ask me questions that make me realize I really know what is the best thing for me. You cheer me on like nobody else and I feel like you have more confidence in me then I could ever have myself. The faith that you have in me and my capabilities helps me move forward. My life is better because of the time we've spent together.

Career Coaching Client - Janet S.

speaker coaching

People connect to speakers who are comfortable enough to allow their greatness to shine through. The goal of speaker coaching is to help you bring a presence that is authentically yours to the room. An energy that transmits positively to your audience. Owning the energy you bring to the room will enable you to deliver messages with influence and impact. You'll identify how you would like to use your voice in the world. Then we’ll work to undo the self-talk that holds you back or makes you too nervous to present yourself powerfully and persuasively. You’ll benefit from tactics I developed as a speaker and as a faculty member with the National Speakers Association. I’ll use my background as a fitness trainer to help you improve the physical aspects of presenting. You're ready for speaker coaching if you think you have room to grow in your speaking, presenting or interviewing skills.

results-driven conversations for teams

Imagine a strategic planning session in which your team left feeling inspired, energized, brimming with ideas and possibilities. In a series of workshops, you’ll learn how to lead your team in conversations that will widen their lens of possibilities when problem-solving. You’ll gain practical wisdom and techniques on how to shift difficult conversations to ones that are positive, productive, and meaningful. I’ll coach you on how to avoid energy sapping habits that we often default to in strategic meetings. And we’ll work together to design collaborative interactions that apply an Appreciative Inquiry. The goal is to enable everyone on your team to communicate better with positive contributions for actionable results.


keynote speaking

Suzanne's speeches explore the impact of self-talk and the imposter syndrome on personal presence, presenting, and careers. 

Suzanne is available as speaker for your next event or podcast. 

Specialty speaking topics include

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