put your best self forward

I coach professionals to overcome that foreboding feeling before the big interview, sales talk or speech. In the process clients learn how to authentically connect their message to an audience, and share their greatness without the need to create a whole new stage persona!

To have the success you want, you’ll need to create infectious energy around your skills and ideas. The kind that makes people want to share your message. The energy you transmit now is the sum of all your self-talk. The good news is that you get to decide whether it’s positive or defeating.

Does this sound like you?

you're not alone and there's A coach for that

As modern humans we’re always presenting, whether in an interview, a sales talk, a speech or on social media, yet it’s the most anxiety inducing life skill for over seventy percent of us.

No matter what your profession is, interviewing, speaking, and presenting are skills you need to master for long-term success but sometimes it’s hard. It’s scary and intense but it doesn’t have to be.

I’ve put together a set of practical strategies geared to helping you overcome the fear around putting yourself out there.

Through one-on-one coaching I will help you pinpoint where your public speaking fears lie or what is standing your way from putting your best self forward.  Together we’ll create an action plan for tackling fears head on while working on your message and delivery. 

 Career or speaker coaching is for anyone who has ever been hesitant to step out to share their unique greatness. 

the cost of sitting on the sidelines

(your future growth)

Let’s work together so that you can present yourself publicly, persuasively and powerfully and never pass on an opportunity again. 

Suzanne has a calming ease and attentive candor. Right from the beginning I felt unhindered by my inner critic. An absolute joy for me to have a second voice other than my own when thinking things over.

Matt K.

the antidote to presentation tension: Own your energy

Clarify your message

Tackle unhelpful self-talk

Connect with your audience

Your audience can perceive your energy by reading cues from your posture, body language, your delivery and content and so it needs to be authentically yours.  Sure, you could borrow a personality for a while but eventually you’ll have to give it back. Besides what the world needs is the gold from the greatness you offer. Ready to give yourself the courage and confidence to present yourself, your ideas and your talents?


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